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21-22 February 2020Gothenburg/Luleå

Space Data Hackathon

Arctic Business, Innovatum Startup and Swedish Space Data Lab invite you to the Space Data Hackathon 2020! The availability of large amounts of satellite imagery data through the European Copernicus project and open source platforms like the OpenDataCube (ODC) greatly bolsters the opportunities to apply classical machine learning and deep learning algorithms. These models can be employed to meet many challenges. One challenge often arising in the analysis of satellite data is that of cloud occlusion. Depending on the time of the year and the location of the Area of Interest (AoI) clouds can fully or partially cover the image and hamper the analysis. There are, however, many methods available for the estimation of missing data. 

There are two parts to this challenge:

Part 1 in this challenge is to use the Swedish satellite data (e.g. Sentinel-2 — provided through ODC) to train a model that is able to estimate certain statistics for an occluded area based on the information from the surrounding area, as reliably and accurately as possible. 

Part 2 in this challenge is to develop a viable business case for the solution developed or from techniques utillsed to develop the solution. Team will be given a framework to follow for this aspect of the challenge. 

The winning teams will be decided by a jury and they will receive the following:

12 000 SEK for the 1st place team 

8000 SEK for the 2nd place team 

● An optional coaching session to further develop the business case of the developed solution with ABI or Innovatum Startup

● The opportunity to have solution adopted by the Space Data Lab

Please make sure you register before Feb 13th at 14:00. You cannot register for the Gothenburg venue only seats in Luleå are available!

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All you need to know

On the 21st - 22nd of Feb 2020Space Data Hackathon will be held simultaneously in two different locations. No equipment, like laptops and computers, will be provided, make sure you bring your own.

Gothenburg venue: The Techno Creatives (Geijersgatan 1 B, 411 34 Göteborg)

Luleå venue: Arctic Business (Ljusgårdn, Luleå Science Park 1C, Aurorumvägen 2,97775 Luleå)

Participants will get access to Copernicus data via the OpenDataCube(ODC), support from experts and experienced mentors, before and during the hackathon. 

Who can join?
If you are above 18 and a resident of sweden, you are most welcome.

Why should I join?
Hackathons are the perfect way to meet people from different backgrounds and experiences. Together you can inspire each other with your respective skill sets to actualize your brilliant ideas.

But I am not a space engineer!
Not a problem at all! Our participants are usually enthusiastic; well-educated, tech savvy students and professionals with a passion for space and innovation. You don’t need to be a computer programmer or a space scientist to join, contribute and enjoy the adventure. In our experience, the teams with combination of multiple knowledge-bases and skills are the ones who will be the most successful. In fact, business students and designers are often the most sought after people in team-building phase.

What if i am not in a team already?
You can join alone, we will do the matchmaking. And if you are a team, sign up as a team. (A team of 4-5 members with relevant skills is ideal otherwise we will make sure you have the best combination in your team)

What can be expected?
The expected output will be a presentation ( don’t worry, we will also provide pitch training and templates) and a demonstration of your solution (if necessary).

Ownership of the business case.
You will own the intellectual property rights to all the developments you produce during the hackathon. Ownership of the teams’ output shall be with the teams’ participants, who will jointly own the app concepts / draft developments.

Ownership of the technical solution.
All Earth observation data provided during the hackathon is open source and provided via the ODC. Therefore any technical solutions developed using ODC data must remain open source.

Any cost?
Participation is free of charge. Food and beverages will  be provided during the hackathon. Participates who need to travel from outide of Gothenburg or Luleå can have their travel costs compenstated. 

Discover the potential of Earth Observation data!

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Please make sure you register before February 13th at 14:00. You cannot register for the Gothenburg venue only seats in Luleå are available!

What happens once you are registered?

  1. You will receive a confirmation email.
  2. Before the hackathon
    1. We will make sure that you will be assigned to a team or your team has required skills.
    2. You and your team will receive the full challenge description.
    3. A few days before the hackathon you will receive digital guide-book & tools.
  3. Hackathon (Feb 21st - 22nd)
    1. Registration & receiving access keys to the data 15:00.
    2. Welcome session 15:30.
    3. Hackathon start time 16:00.
    4. Scrum masters/project managers meets 9:00 February 22nd.
    5. Hackathon ends 16:00 February 22nd.
    6. Presentation to jury 16:30-18:00
    7. Announce the winner! 🚀
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